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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 12:35

Greetings Fourth Day Community members!

One of the central functions of a Via de Cristo Secretariat is to select Rectors and Rectoras for upcoming weekends. Rest assured that your Secretariat takes that obligation seriously. As we prayerfully discussed potential Rectors and Rectoras for the upcoming spring mixed weekend (April 12-15, 2018), several names were highlighted in our minds. Unfortuanately, those individuals have proven unavailable. Has the Holy Spirit failed us or led us amiss? Not at all! The Spirit has clearly indicatedindividuals who would be superb weekend leaders. 

As I see it, the road to the selection of a leader for a VDC weekend has more than one lane. In other words, the Secretariat isn’t the only (and perhaps not even the primary) conduit God uses to reveal His selection. We suspect that God is speaking to one of you right now. We suspect that someone in the Fourth Day knows right now that he or she is God’s choice to be the Rector or Rectora next spring. How often has someone in the body of Christ been asked by someone in the church to do something, and they knew all along, in their deepest being, the call was coming? It happens all the time. So often God speaks to the candidate long before He speaks to the ones whose job it is to officially select.
On Sunday (at Good Shepherd, at least), the sermon related the Old Testament story of Samuel, and how he heard the Lord call to him three times in the night. Each time he ran to the Prophet Eli, his guardian and mentor. Finally, Eli instructed Samuel to respond directly to God’s call in this manner: “So [Eli] said to Samuel, ‘Go and lie down again, and if someone calls again, say, ‘”Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”’ So Samuel went back to bed (1 Samuel 3:9).” God called again, and Samuel responded. This story is instructive for us, today, but perhaps in an even more impactful way. Why? Because God has given each of us as believers the Holy Spirit to speak to us, to nudge us, and to tug at our hearts. Even as the voice of the Lord spoke to Samuel, the voice of the Holy Spirit can and does speak His intentions directly to us. 

If God has spoken to you, we encourage you to contact one of the Secretariat members you know, or me directly (here’s the email address I use for VDC business: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)" target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We will keep on praying and pondering, of course. That is our duty, obligation, and commitment to you. At the same time, if God is calling your name, respond with “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” And be encouraged that the Secretariat stands ready to personally support the next Rector or Rectora in every way we can, especially if you hesitate because you feel you haven't experienced enough weekends to do a good job. God does not care one whit about any of that.
In the Lord,
Tom Krause

Lay Director

Sunday, 06 August 2017 21:55

A message from The Secretariat President

De Colores!!

I had to say that. It’s been a while!

It is so easy to become myopic in our daily walk, isn’t it? We have what we have to do, and generally, we go about it in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. It’s no different for us on the VDC Utah Secretariat. Let me explain.

Ken Baum, whom many, if not most, of you know, has served over a year and a half on the Secretariat. Unfortunately, he finds he must step down because of job demands and other increased commitments. We thank him for his service, trusting that he will continue to nourish the 4th Day with his leadership.

When a vacancy occurs, we tend to get our gears a’turnin’ as we think of who would fill the gap well. However, before the Secretariat gets too far down that road, we need to slow down and ask the following question of you, the 4th Day:

Have you felt a nudge, a tug toward serving the 4th Day community? Likewise, do you feel a desire to serve on the Secretariat?

 If you feel that tug, or have that desire, please contact me, or one of the other Secretariat members. God probably speaks more directly to those he wants to serve than He does to those whose aim it is to fill a position.

This secretariat position oversees our policies and procedures. We are currently in the process of gathering what we have and collating it so that we can get it onto the Internet and available for everyone to refer to when we have questions, are developing VDC weekends, or are wondering how to do things related to Via de Cristo.

Again, if you feel an affinity for working with the Secretariat, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" style="font-size: 12.16px;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or texting me at (801)699-5609. We’ll let this percolate with you until the 18th of August when we have our next Secretariat meeting, at which time we will proceed to appoint a member of the 4th Day to fill the vacancy.

 Thank you,




This is Tom Krause, the current Secretariat Lay Director. After prayerful consideration, the Utah Via de Cristo Secretariat has elected to hold a Lord’s Day activity on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Our next full, mixed Crusillio Weekend, therefore, will be held in the spring of 2018.


I hope this isn’t a disappointment, and we realize it might be, especially if you have been talking to friends about attending a Crusilo Weekend. With that in mind, let me review with you how we came to this decision. First, let me share with you the mission and purpose of Via de Cristo. The mission statement for the National Via de Cristo movement reads as follows:


“By grace, with the Holy Spirit, we challenge leaders to discover and achieve their personal calling, assisting them to influence their environments with the Gospel.”


And the purpose of Via de Cristo is given as follows:


“Via de Cristo is based on the fundamentals of Christianity, concentrating on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The focus is not on Via de Cristo itself, but on the environment of the community of believers. The objective of the movement is to inspire, challenge and equip people for Christian action in their homes, churches and communities.”


Although the Crusillio Weekend is foundational to Via de Cristo, it is but one method we use to build the body of Christ by helping fellow believers lead more fully the Christian ideals of piety (being devout in our faith in Christ), study (prayerfully immersing ourselves in the Word of God), and apostolic action (reflecting God’s image in the world around us--in our environment). Our unified aim is to build and encourage committed Christians, not to recruit people to experience a Crusillio Weekend so that they will, in turn, attend Ultreyas and work future weekends. Remember, our focus is on Jesus Christ and not Via de Cristo.


As the Secretariat moved forward with its plans for the next weekend, I personally was feeling a sense of being slowed down, of having some kind of weight on my heart. A few days before our Secretariat meeting on June 15th, one of the other Secretariat members, Steve Fredine, and I were chatting about the upcoming weekend. He made a comment to the effect that maybe God is leading us in another direction than a full weekend--that maybe we could have some sort of Fourth Day activity to build our community. When comments come out of the blue like that, I pay attention. Then, one of our other Secretariat members, Deanna Anderson, made this comment in an email conversation we were having within the Secretariat: “Please Lord . . . Help the secretariat know your vision.” Her email prayer, coupled with Steve’s out-of-the-blue comment (to my ear at least), along with my own inner sense of walking waist deep in molasses, prompted me to put a discussion of the upcoming weekend on our agenda. As I was drawing up the agenda, I also felt a definite nudge of the Spirit that we needed to take a moment during our meeting to meditate and pray about it right then and there. I marked on my copy of the agenda where I felt we should take a moment to pray. Before we even got to that point, Deanna suggested that, before we went any further, we stop and pray. That was another marker to me that God was at work. We stopped and we prayed. What followed was a very productive discussion that evolved into the decision to hold a Lord’s Day activity during the same time slot at Good Shepherd that we have scheduled in October. After our meeting I personally felt a sense of restful peace about our decision--another God-marker, a gift of the Spirit.


I’ve gone into all this detail for one reason, and I leave these final thoughts with all the solemnity I can muster. I want to be absolutely clear about this. We are not canceling a weekend because of lack. In fact, we aren’t canceling a weekend at all. We are responding to what God has in mind for Via de Cristo in Utah. It’s that simple.


I feel very strongly that the Secretariat experienced as a group God’s directing hand during our last meeting. This apparent change in course isn’t just some kind of flip-floppy business as usual. Rather, it truly is the Secretariat following the will of God. I can’t stress enough how confident I am that God was guiding us Thursday.


God is real. God is with us. God is leading us. You can take that to the bank.


God loves you, and so do I,




P.S. Obviously, more information will be coming, so look to our Facebook page, emails, your church VDC Liason, and the Utah VDC web site ( for details. And most important of all, if you have people you want to sponsor for a weekend, please, please, please feel free to bring them to our Lord’s Day event. It will bring them into community with some amazing people even before they experience their weekend next spring.


P.P.S.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 20:55

News of the Storage Trailer

VDC family,
We have a few updates to our trailer situation and a couple new areas of VDC support from the community.  

Kevin Fitz worked some magic with his employer, Associated Foods, and they allowed us to store the VDC trailer at their lot for free.  Many thanks to Kevin as that alleviates costs for storage and also our recent headache of the trailer being pushed from place to place.  Associated Foods also has a possible offer of a replacement trailer.  All this is amazing news and many thanks should be shared with Kevin for working this!  After resolving the homeless trailer issues, we found out Pastor James Wakefield of GSLC offered VDC the use of a storage building on the GSLC grounds.  We quickly told GSLC this was fantastic and we definitely wanted to get more details.  Now we suddenly have choices, which is a blessed problem.  The secretariat discussed VDC long-term plans for weekends and feel the semi-trailer is not our best solution for storage.  We have been paying about $100 or more each time the trailer moves, which would continue even at Associated Foods, and do not feel this is the most cost-effective or functional solution.  The building at GSLC was felt to far outweigh any possible trailer benefits and we will work towards that end.  So to prepare the GSLC building for long-term use, will need some cleaning, shelf building and probably some basic maintenance, like painting, sealing, or roofing to ensure it is ready.

We are planning to inspect the building and prepare a list of work for the building, eventually bringing the VDC supplies over to store but it will take some readying.  Some events are outlined below.

  • We will have an in-depth building look in the next few weeks.  From there, we will plan for work days and request assistance.
  • We expect actual work will likely be in late July or early August and we'll continue until all work is complete. info and mass emails will go out for helpers.
  • Then, we will have to get the trailer over to GSLC and cross load to the new building.  Again, we will need assistance.
  • It would be best if during the cross-load we took our time to work on cleaning out tubs, consolidation of supplies, discarding unusable supplies, and clearly marking all containers.
  • Storage areas also should be clearly marked so all teams have their own defined location.  

    The end state of the storage building will help dramatically by having things ready for whomever wanted to do some prep for a weekend or even just handle some need out of the blue as it is much more available than in storage at a truck lot somewhere.

    On a separate note, it has been discussed by a good number of members that we should do away with the foam mattresses and go with the sturdy folding cots.  This would serve a multi-fold benefit.  The existing mattresses are old and have been dragged through various elements, they are getting to need replacement anyways, and they take up a lot of room.  The hope is that as we transition to the storage building at GSLC, we will also transition to some decent cots.  We are still trying to work through the numbers and a standard cot type and manufacturer to go through, there are even some made in UT.  Once we get that all straight, we plan on throwing out a plea for folks to donate funds or buy the cot selected.  We are thinking there may even be some possibilities of a bulk purchase, saving us money through us being a church group or through buying a few dozen at one time.  Please give that some thought as we work through the details to share and go forth to make this a reality.



John Mister


Some thoughts and observations from this past weekend for use in planning next weekend.  

*After reading on the national site and having been part of this weekend’s training as well as past “closer to the manual trainings, I suggest a meld.  Similar to what we did this last time with an extra training for the leaders as to the content that they will share in their separate team meetings.  Structure the content with information as well as a prescribed order. 

*A FL Secretariat has a 4-5 hour training session just for the new Rector/Rectora immediately after they have accepted the call and prior to any team selection.  This is a great idea.  It will give direction and focus right out of the gate and save a bunch of time wandering through the manual and making a lot of phone calls. 

*I suggest a 2-3 person mentor team for the new Rector/Rectora during the lead up months.  This team should include the most recent Rector/Rectora as well as past leaders. This mentor team’s involvement / guidance will be more significant in the beginning of the process but will diminish as the Weekend gets closer. 

*Bonnie and Rhonda were phenomenal in setting the Bible readers, processional participants as well as Grace and Thanksgiving people.  They came prepared ahead of time and had the entire weekend lined out early Friday.  Made the balance of the weekend a lot less frantic. 

*I suggest that we have a more formal VdC UT music pool.  This is separate from the Weekend music team though Weekend musicians might be part of the larger pool.  During the training months Geography,  life etc can be a problem.  With the larger pool we should be able to have musicians available for the training session and take some pressure off of the Weekend music team. 

*Over all I think the mood of the Weekend was positive.  I only heard of a couple of exchanges that were not positive but did not amount to a larger issue.  I believe that stressing the getting along aspect of the Weekend early and often during the training was helpful. 

*Comments about appropriate language needs to included in training as well as the opening remarks for the Weekend.  There were some inappropriate remarks by team members during Bonnie’s Weekend and by some Weekenders this last weekend.  Not X rated but not appropriate either. 

*Bonnie gave me some advice that I think needs to be stressed to every new Recto Rectora: communicate often and stay positive.  This really helps the mood as well as regular open exchanges help make sure that the whole team is on the same page.

Stephen Fredine

Weekend #68 Rector



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