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Liaison Responsibilities

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Definition of a Liaison: A contact or connection maintained between group(s), in order to ensure action and cooperation.

Liaisons are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Liaison is the key link between the 4th day community, congregation, pastors, sponsors, small groups, potential weekenders, and the Via de Cristo Secretariat. A Liaison is a vital position within the 4th day community. With strong Liaisons in a church community, the presence of the Via de Cristo movement is in the congregations, thus Via de Cristo continues to move forward and impact the lives of those who will and have entered the 4th day community. Liaisons are called to encourage, be compassionate, accept all, and serve. The work of Via de Cristo is helping Christians to become effective apostles and grow as saints. This cannot be done without Liaisons.


  • Liaisons need to create an all-accepting environment into the Via de Cristo community. Remember Via de Cristo is not an exclusive club, but an experience for all baptized believers to deepen their walk with the Lord.
  • Responsible for creating a communication pool to the 4th day community of their home church.
  • Make available to home congregation weekend applications, weekend dates, and Rector/Rectora information, change of address and team volunteer forms, Secretariat minutes, and a brief history of Via de Cristo. Secretariat Liaison representative will provide these forms for Liaison and Secretariat minutes.
  • Accept all completed applications for weekenders and send to Secretariat Allocations representative. Make sure application is complete with all weekender information, payment (if submitted at this time), sponsor, pastor signature if applicable.
  • Keep track of applications sent to Allocations.
  • Identify sponsors as needed. Discuss sponsor responsibilities as needed to a new sponsor.
  • If a 4th day member has any issue that needs Via de Cristo Secretariat attention, the Liaison needs to inform the Secretariat that a 4th day member needs Secretariat to contact him/her or 4th day member will attend the next Secretariat meeting. Liaison can also attend Secretariat meeting on behalf of the 4th day member.
  • Liaisons are invited to attend any Secretariat meeting with the understanding that they are not considered a voting member.
  • Liaison needs to communicate to his/her home congregation, church council, and pastor any information in regards to the activities within the Via de Cristo community (Weekend dates, Ultreya dates, rector/rectora, etc.).
  • The responsibility of the Liaison can be shared with one or two assistants. This choice is decided by the church Liaison. If assistants are chosen it is preferable the assistants and the head Liaison attend different services within their home church. This helps to form a broader base for contact and communication in the 4th day community, and makes it easier on congregation members seeking information about Via de Cristo. The head Liaison will decide how responsibilities will be split amongst him/her and any assistants.
  • If Liaison is unable to continue he/she needs to contact Secretariat Liaison representative and discuss resigning from the position. When Liaison decides to resign he/she will be asked for recommendations to answer the call of Liaison. Secretariat Representative will train the new Liaison accordingly.
  • Liaison needs to communicate any prayer requests from 4th day community to Via de Cristo prayer chain. Doing so only with permission from person who stands in need of prayer.
  • Liaisons need to communicate Ultreya dates to 4th day community within their congregation. Announcing in services and in church bulletin if possible. Announcing at least one week prior to Ultreya. When announcing Ultreya, include date, time, and host church with address.
  • Liaison will be scheduling and conducting 1-3 Ultreyas at their home church throughout the year.
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